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Let’s be honest. We all want hardcore and rough sex. In our quiet moments, we secretly crave big boobs and sexy round asses. Short after short with full force from behind the girl while pulling her hair back and landing tight slaps one after another on her ass chick until they get red is what we dream of in our everyday life. But the million-dollar question is – can you really have such kind of sex in Delhi? Well, I don’t know about all the places in Delhi but having such kind of fast and furious sex in Karol Bagh is possible. Yes, hot & sexy professional Delhi Escorts are available.

Delhi Escorts

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“Queen of India” is one such reputable escort service in Delhi that offers customers a huge database of independent and model call girls who are great fans of hardcore fucking. Our escort agency lets the customers navigate through the huge collection of escorts and choose a girl for one, two, or three shorts or full night. The best part of our Karol Bagh escort service is the fact that you can get a beautiful Escort girl delivered secretly to your home or hotel room in Delhi according to your convenience.

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In India, we all have grown up watching movies in which the hero has to fight and risk his life to get his heroin. He has to give up all his luxuries, comfort, career, and family to mingle with his love. But the reality is quite the opposite. I mean, you don’t have to face any challenge and take any risk to spend some moments of love with your dream Escorts in delhi. Your long-awaited dream of tossing up a stunning Escorts all over the bed can turn into a reality in just one call.

Delhi Escorts

Yes, you can get a call girl from the most reputable and trusted Karol Bagh escort services on a call or WhatsApp. Just to be very clear, you have to contact us and tell us what kind of call girl you want in the Karol Bagh area. And then, we will WhatsApp you real pictures of Delhi Escorts on your phone. Once you choose the one, we will send her to your given address. No matter hotel or home, we deliver all types of Delhi Escorts  within a matter of 30-45 minutes. 

About Delhi Escorts

Delhi Escorts

Bold, courteous, professional, modern, hot, and sexy are the best words to describe our Delhi escorts. Their shining personality draws a lot of attraction to them from sexually-deprived people. They have such a stimulating figure and body shape that when they go outside in a public place, men’s mouths are left open, eyebrows raise up in amazement, and a shiver just goes down the spine. I bet most of you will fall in love with them at first sight for sure.

Delhi Escorts

Most of our Delhi escorts are fitness freaks. They do intense workouts and take care of their diet. More specifically, they target their glutes to keep their ass attractive and perfect in shape. In addition to that, they also do breast-firming exercises to ensure their boobs always appear large and lifted. I will not be surprised if you go crazy and can’t help but tear up the clothes of our drop-dead gorgeous Escorts. I request you control yourself and avoid mishandling an escort when she meets you. If you behave gentlemanly and respectfully, believe me, our Escorts will give you more love and intimacy than you can expect.

Delhi Escorts

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Our Delhi escort service has come into this business not only for generating revenue. Customer values are equally important for us. What we want is a long-time relationship with our customers by giving them high-end escort services at the cheapest rate possible near Delhi. For this reason, we have kept the charges of our call girls very convenient and pocket-friendly. Here below is the quick overview of our Escorts  in Delhi.

Indian House Wife Delhi Escorts

Delhi Escorts

As we are one of the most prominent Delhi Escorts, you can expect all types of escorts from us within your budget. More specifically, we deliver Indian housewives, college students, high-profile models, and Russian escorts in Delhi.

Let’s begin with our desi housewives and aunties Escorts who live in Delhi and are into this business by choice.

Delhi Escorts


Our professional house wife Escorts age varies from 25-35. In our Dehi Escorts agency, we have put in place only those middle-aged women who are from noble families with voluptuous figures and big juicy boobs. From their married life, they have learned what it takes to satisfy an Indian man. I am sure you will squeeze your eyes and bite your lips in pleasure when our Indian housewife call girl will stroke your penis with her mouth. The charges of our Indian housewife escort in Karol Bagh start from only 5K.

Delhi College Student Escorts

Do you miss your student life? Well, we can’t bring you back to college life but we definitely can give you a chance to refresh the memories of your college life. The laugh and grin of our naughty college girl Escorts in delhi will rekindle the youthfulness in you that you have lost in today’s fast pacing life. If you are the one who loves to be dominant in sex then our sweet innocent student call girl will prove to be the best match for you. Their charges start from 7K. Contact us to know the exact charges according to your requirements.

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We have put in place only the youngest, sexiest and most gorgeous escorts in the category of high-profile Delhi escort. They always wear amazing outfits such as crop-top, skin-tight jeans, skirts, and many other types of shorts on their toned body. Whatever type of clothes they put on but one thing is for sure. Their hourglass sexy figure always remains visible to the customers. You might find your mouth drooling when our model escorts appears in front of you. Price of a high-profile Delhi Escorts begins from 20K.

Russian escort service in Delhi

Hold your nerve as we are going to talk about the Russians who are said to be the most beautiful escorts in the world. Ultra-fair skin, chiselled face-cut, tall in height, highly motivated, and cool nature with the right amount of fat in the right place; these are some specifications of our Russian Escorts in delhi. The rough and hairy body of Indian men is something that they love the most. More than half of our call girls from Russia gasp at the thought of being fuck by a bad boy. If you think you are a bad boy of Karol Bagh then our Russian escort will be more than happy to be fucked by you tonight in Delhi.

Worry not. The charges of our Russian escorts will not burn a hole in your pocket. Their charges start from 20k.

So, don’t just stop here. Take one step ahead and get in touch with us. The pussies of our Russian call girls are already wet and leaking the drops of love. They badly need a solid fucking that you can give them in Delhi Escorts.